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The Free American is the only magazine to deal forthrightly with what was called Conspiracy Theories ten years ago but are on MSN today, ten years later. This interactive online magazine will be delivered into your e-mail in a PDF format. bi-weekly. Link videos and the Free American Radio and TV in each issue. It is the only publication to consider and examine the JEWISH question with out hate or prejudice. The Constitution and our Bill of Rights permits all American to worship as they please and live, free. 

Clayton Douglas  

Clayton Douglas has four documentaries he produced and narrated: “True Face of FEMA, Chemtrails and more.  He has hosted the Free American Hour on Shortwave, satellite and now on the Internet for 15 years. Prior to his career in broadcasting, he worked in the film industry in Miami as an extra and provided boats for “Cocoon” Motorcycles and Bikers for Sylvester Stallone’s “Specialist” and commercials.
His guests on his radio shows and documentaries have featured Presidential Candidates, politicians, Governors, and authors running the gamut from Scientists, doctors to bikers like Sonny Barger, founder of the Hells Angels.
Over a twenty year period, he has published magazines. “High Country” “Rider’s Xchange”, “Thunderriders” and has published the “Free American” News Magazine for 15 years.
He has produced and hosted Expos across the country. He came to NM to help start Indian Motorcycles.

His voice is very memorable, his presence is magnetic.
Clayton has authored two series of fiction novels. They can be previewed on his archive page on his website. He currently resides in Denver.


Publisher of The Free American Magazine

Past Work:
94 - distributed nationally. Responsible for writing, layout, ad sales and editing.
Hosting the Free American Radio Show Daily on Blog Talk Radio
Author of series of adventure novels Trevor Cameron, Terrorist Hunter. Two novels completed in a series.
Produced and hosts videos, Chemtrails, the Video on a current, top-secret phenomena occurring in our skies on a daily basis.
       "The True Face of FEMA" - Features Col John Brinkerhoff of Homeland Security and Clay Douglas"America, Dream or Nightmare" What America was supposed to be and what it is becoming.

“No Such Thing as the New World Order” From a lecture give in California

Published Articles:
Chic - Easyriders - Biker Magazine - High Country Magazine - Fortune Magazine - Motorcycle News, England
- Indian Illustrated, Summer 94 issue - Motorcyclist Post - Laughing Indian - Motorcyclist - Ratty Rag - Motorcycle
Industry - Liberty News - Media Bypass - Resurrection Newsletter - The New Republic, The Moneychanger,
Hatch Courier, and the Free American.

PREVIOUS Adventures:
Conceived and created American Motorcycles in Las Vegas.
Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing, Inc. Albuquerque, NM - Wayne Baughman, President Completed 90 day PR
contract - Continued to write articles on progress of the company until final failure.
Recommended Rey Sotelo who became the next Indian Manufacturer.
1991-1994 Rider’s X-change /Renegade X-press Miami, FL
Publisher of Riders Xchange, Motorcyclist oriented magazine primarily covering Florida, distributed nationally.
Conceived, created, wrote, photographed, and edited, art direction and ad sales.
1988 to 1990 Worldwide Marine, Inc. Miami, FL
President - Operated marine repair service, charter boat fishing and floating restaurant.
1984 to 1988 Worldwide Brokers, Inc.
Vice President In charge of daily packaging operations. Directed sales, promotion, purchasing and product development.
1983 to 1984 High Country Magazine - Placerville, CA - High Adventure for Today's Cowboy.

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